Help us keep up the good work and vote Labour on May 6.

Where we live is unique. From the beauty of the Cotswolds to the River Severn, our market towns with their industrial heritage and cutting-edge industry, and our radical politics and rural communities, we’re a diverse district when it comes to politics and our values, but one thing we share: we care for the places where we live.

Looking back over these last few months, sadness at the impact the pandemic has had on us all is mixed with pride at how our communities have worked together.

As the vaccination gives us hope, and restrictions start to ease, now is the time to plan ahead for recovery.

Your Labour and Cooperative councillors, along with our alliance partners, have been leading Stroud District Council since 2012. Over the last twelve months our priority has been responding to the pandemic, so everyone in the district gets the support they need to stay safe.

Long before the pandemic we invested in our communities and in services that matter to local people at a time when other councils were cutting them. We’ve ensured that Stroud District Council has continued to invest, protect essential services, and stand up for local people.

What we’ve achieved has been in partnership with you, local residents, trade unions, communities and businesses.

Partnership lies at the heart of our manifesto.

Our team of candidates comes from across the district and from all walks of life. We know the places we represent; we’ve raised families here, cared for our elders, worked in the factories, shops and schools, set up small businesses. We care about this place so much, and we want to make a difference – for everyone who’s here. 

You can trust your local Labour and Cooperative team to keep our promises, and work for the benefit of everyone in the district. Support our plan for recovery so no one is left behind, and our communities are safe and decent places to live.

Help us keep up the good work and vote Labour on May 6.