Our Ocean’s Broken Heart tells the story of one woman’s journey across the ocean and into the heart of those places most threatened by climate change.

Published spring 2024

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The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop


Our Ocean’s Broken Heart is a personal pilgrimage to the frontline of climate change, based on Doina Cornell’s sailing voyages to the Arctic and the Pacific.

Accompanied by her teenage children, Nera and Dan, and her father Jimmy, Doina explores what it means to be a sailor and our relationship with the ocean. Tracing the legacy of colonialism and the pain of climate injustice she confronts head on how the world has changed since her 1970s childhood sailing the world.

Doina brings to life the crucial threats our ocean faces, such as rising temperatures and sea levels, through the testimony of the people in the places she visits, and through citizen science projects carried out by sailing yachts in partnership with scientists. Challenging the powerful vested interests that impede progress towards halting climate breakdown, she asks how we can find the path back to hope.